Your Personal Guide

When I work one-to-one with someone, typically it is because they are stuck with a problem or challenge.

What happens is that we have a series of conversations – a special form of coaching. There is no set formula – the conversations evolve in an individual way to suit you as we spend time talking to each other.

The conversations create the setting for you to get back in touch with your true potential – and feel the calmness, resourcefulness and well-being that goes with it. From that place you will have the wisdom to see what steps to take next.

This can happen quite quickly, other times it takes a little longer. Typically we would set up a series of coaching sessions, each lasting one hour at approximately weekly intervals. The first call is exploratory and without a fee.

Conversations would be by Skype or phone which means you can call me from wherever you are located.

I include email support between sessions so you can get your questions answered without waiting until the next session.

You’ll know whether this is the right time for you to rediscover your potential.

If you would like to have an initial conversation, please drop me an email