Trevor Hill

Trevor Hill

I’m Trevor Hill and I believe that when we are inspired we hold the key to our amazing potential.

Even from a young age I was aware that most of the time, things that happened were variations on the familiar and my thoughts and feelings stayed within a certain range.

But every now and again, I would have times that went far beyond normal happiness.

I would feel elated, filled with joy and wonder, as if lifted up to see much bigger horizons. Sometimes the beauty in belonging to this universe would take my breath away.

I noticed that my energy and motivation would shoot up and my confidence was boosted. Creative ideas arrived without effort and I found solutions to vexing problems. I gained the clarity to see what is truly important which helped me make wiser decisions.

Because I was curious, I began to take a deeper interest in what was going on. As I explored further, I became aware that I wasn’t alone. Apparently other people had similar experiences. Perhaps you too?

I started to see these special glimpses over and above normal perception as examples of inspiration. The literal meaning of inspire is ‘to breathe life into’ and that is what seemed to be happening. Being inspired is like awakening from sleep-walking through life.

This is why we all love hero stories

We are drawn in because we see an ordinary person ‘wake up’ and do extra-ordinary things. We feel a personal resonance because we would like to rise above the ordinary in our own lives.

The brilliant thing is that we all have the ability to wake up to life, to become inspired. I used to think that this is something we have to strive for, to attain. But now I see that it’s part of our nature. There is no qualification necessary; it applies to everyone.

There is no need to feel stuck in our lives, putting up with habitual stress, frustration or failure

Being inspired ignites our latent powers and talents. It’s then we can see that we already have the means to escape from our particular prison. We can even see our role in putting bars on the window and locks on the door. Then we can move out and live in a more life-affirming and rewarding place.

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