Trevor Hill

Trevor Hill

I’m Trevor Hill and ever since I can remember I’ve been intrigued by experiences of inspiration that we get ‘out of the blue’.

You know – those inspiring times when we feel energized, motivated and confident. When creative ideas arrive without effort and solutions appear to vexing problems.

Being inspired ignites our latent powers and talents; we have the clarity to see what is truly important and to make wise decisions.

The literal meaning of inspire is ‘to breathe life into’ and that’s what seems to happen.

Being inspired is like awakening from sleep-walking through life

For me, some occasions I would feel totally elated, filled with joy and wonder, as if lifted up to see much bigger horizons. The beauty in belonging to this universe would take my breath away.

Naturally, I wanted more such experiences. But for years I was led astray by a simple misunderstanding. I used to believe that to have more inspiring experiences I needed a magic formula of strategies. I thought inspiration was something to strive for and attain.

So I worked and studied but I couldn’t find a magic formula. Then, by chance in 2011, I came across a new understanding of the human mind which changed everything.

I came to see that inspiration is our true nature! Each of us has the source of inspiration with us all the time. It just gets hidden, like the sun behind the clouds. When we discover what is really going on, we are liberated to become inspired more and more.

The brilliant thing is that we all have the ability to wake up to life, to become inspired. There is no qualification necessary; it applies to everyone!

There is no need to feel stuck in our lives, putting up with habitual stress, frustration or failure

This new understanding is now at the heart of my work and I love to share it with individuals and groups so they can discover its transformational power for themselves.