The secret to happiness and wellbeing is knowing where to look. This book takes you behind the scenes and invites you to see for yourself. The insights you gain will give you a new understanding of life which exposes many misleading assumptions about happiness and wellbeing. This enables you to avoid a great deal of wasted effort, struggle and suffering. At the same time, barriers that block your innate ability to be happy will fall away in the light of your new understanding.

The big bonus is that the same understanding leads to many other benefits, such as greater resilience, better relationships and higher performance. There are many stories that show how life can improve without you having to improve yourself. There is no need for tools and techniques. What makes the difference is not doing more but understanding more.

It might seem outlandish to suggest that a simple understanding can be life changing. Fortunately, as this book reveals, you can test the truth of it in your own life. This is a gentle way of learning. There are no predetermined right answers, no expectations to fulfil or prescriptions to follow. You don’t have to believe anyone else. Instead, you can see what becomes real to you and how it changes your life for the better. The pace is yours. There is no rush. You can live in harmony with your true nature and rediscover the wellbeing you were born with.

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