I’m Trevor Hill – coach, trainer and writer – helping people rediscover the natural resilience, wisdom and wellbeing they were born with.

This rediscovery is like waking up from sleep-walking. I know from my own experience how it ignites latent powers and talents, and how it helps us to avoid so much stress and suffering.

What woke me up was a new understanding of how human beings function. I say ‘new’ because it was new to me and, it seems, new to most people. It points to the possibility of a happier and more successful life without having to struggle.

Since coming across this understanding, so many positive changes have shown up that it has been transformational. When I began to be asked about this, it sowed the seed for writing my book Don’t Push The ‘Pull’ Door. This is from the introduction:

What first caught my attention was the suggestion that there was nothing I needed to do to fix myself because nothing was broken. Apparently, my life could improve without having to improve myself. This was a very appealing message, especially as I had tried so many avenues to self-improvement. That said, it did seem a rather incredible claim, especially in the face of the familiar axiom “No pain, no gain”. But what beckoned to me to explore further was a hint of familiarity. It was if I was being reminded of something I had long forgotten.

As I explored this fresh perspective further, I began to see that it came from a new understanding of how human beings function. I was relieved and delighted to find that there was no methodology to follow, no beliefs to adopt and no techniques to practice. It was simply enough to be open to the possibility that this understanding might be true. The implication was – and is – that there are no personal weaknesses to fix, just misunderstandings to resolve. The key is not in self-improvement but in self-realisation.

By now, you may well be wondering: what exactly is this understanding? I’ve included a summary here