Do You Live In Black And White?

Imagine you’re watching old film, with people moving around in monotone. Do you, like me, get drawn into thinking that these people actually lived in a world that was black and white? Of course, their reality was just as colourful as ours. The sky had a thousand hues of blue; … Continue reading

The Last Gasp of Winter

As I write it’s snowing so hard I wonder if the universe has a sense of humour –  this time last year the UK was basking in unbroken sunshine with temperatures in the twenties! The weather right now is so unseasonal that somehow I can’t take it seriously. If it … Continue reading

Inspiration Is An Inside Job

Have you ever been inspired in the presence of natural beauty, a piece of music, or a work of art? Or maybe you’ve been inspired by a particular quote, some grand architecture or a special companion? I can say yes to all the above and, of course, there are hundreds … Continue reading

True Freedom

What would you do if you were completely free to choose? When I played this question in my mind recently, I thought of myself lying in a hammock slung between two beachside palm trees. Pina Colada in one hand, I could feel the heat of the tropical sun, tempered by … Continue reading

Seeing With New Eyes

Life is like shopping; sometimes it’s inspiring and sometimes it’s frustrating. Understanding what makes the difference is life-changing. When I go shopping, I like to visit a range of stores. Each has its own characteristics, some more enjoyable than others. There’s one budget supermarket where you can get some good … Continue reading