Your Unstoppable Creativity

You may have come across the popular myth that there are creative people and uncreative people. The ‘evidence’ usually given is by over-generalization, such as ‘I’m no good at drawing, therefore I’m not a creative person’.

Yet creativity is an essential part of being human. Creativity isn’t just about the artist or designer. We are all creative – the bigger question is what do we create?

I expect you have met people who create conflict wherever they go. It’s as if they are a black-hole of negativity, sucking dry the efforts of those around them. Fortunately there are people who create the opposite; they bring cooperation and harmony into being.

Some people improve our environment – they build gardens, clear rubbish, plant trees. Others damage our surroundings with vandalism, pollution and exploitation.

Each of us sometimes creates results that are a benefit to others. At other times we create results which – let’s face it – are less than helpful. So what makes the difference?

This is where there is a strong link with inspiration. When we are inspired, we act from our best selves. We are energized, generous and focused on what really matters. Whatever we create will be a positive contribution to the world around us.

And how do you know when you’re inspired? That’s easy – it’s the feeling of being fully alive!

Now we know that we are always creating something, there’s no need to leave it to chance, or to the whim of someone else. You have a choice; what would you like to create?

Notice I’m not asking what must you create? Or what should you create? The wording is quite deliberate: what would you like to create?

This is all about the future. It’s about getting actively involved in creating your future. Don’t wait in vain for some fairy godmother. This is about what you can do, not what you can’t.

Think about your dreams – what would you love to see around you? What talents cry out to be expressed? What brings you that feeling of being truly alive?

Inspired creativity is fulfilling in itself. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. You don’t need to wait until you reach the destination; the journey feels worthwhile and engaging from the start. And, of course, you’ll bring benefit to your fellow travellers.

What would you like to create?


Your Unstoppable Creativity — 2 Comments

  1. Trevor your blog has inspired me to continue developing a workshop that I had started and then put to one side! I felt I had (the equivalent of) writers block and as a result had been putting off going back to it. Having read your blog I feel ready to pick up my pen and get creating again! Thank-you!