Unlimited Hope For The Future

Inspiration has a very close relative called hope. The two are inseparable; they go everywhere together. This is important because when we feel stressed or overwhelmed with work or life, hope is the antidote. Going further, hope is also the solution to helplessness, resignation and despair. If it was really … Continue reading

You Cannot Be Serious!

If you are of a certain age, you may remember tennis champion John McEnroe and his famous protests against the umpire’s decisions – ‘You cannot be serious!’ Of course, McEnroe did not challenge every decision, only those he considered to be against his best interests. Now, even if you have … Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late

Sometimes it seems that it’s too late to change. Even when we long for something new, something refreshing, we can feel defeated before we begin. Life can take us so far down a certain track that retracing our steps seems impossible. After all, we’ve invested much time and energy reaching … Continue reading

The Danger In Certainty

When you think you are sure about something, how can you be certain? And what is the cost to you if you are wrong?  There are actually two kinds of certainty – one kind is healthy and the other is not. Here’s a recent example from the Hill household which … Continue reading