What’s So Important About Inspiration?

This is a question I often get asked so here is my latest answer for you Even from a young age I was aware that life seemed to fall into two categories. Most of the time, life was normal. Most things that happened were variations on the familiar and my … Continue reading

Unlimited Hope For The Future

Inspiration has a very close relative called hope. The two are inseparable; they go everywhere together. This is important because when we feel stressed or overwhelmed with work or life, hope is the antidote. Going further, hope is also the solution to helplessness, resignation and despair. If it was really … Continue reading

Solve Your Biggest Problem

Problems are part of life – we all experience them. Some are bigger than others and press us for a solution. Your biggest problem right now is likely to be frustrating and stressful. This post is all about your natural ability to create a solution. As an example, let’s use … Continue reading