How To Get The Most From Your Effort

It’s a common and potentially dangerous myth that the more effort you put into something, the more successful you will be. Of course, some effort is usually required but there is the question of efficiency. Without efficiency a lot of effort is wasted. Swimming is an excellent analogy. Because of a … Continue reading

When It’s Smart To Give Up

Yes, it’s true – giving up is sometimes the best strategy. I know it might sound like wimping out but giving up can trigger your greatest creativity and the best outcomes. Let me show you how. Whenever you feel pressurised or stressed because of a problem, your mind is busy … Continue reading

Playing With Fire

This post is all about how to handle stressful or difficult situations. It has been triggered by a recent conversation with a senior executive in a global organisation. He asked me for some tips on how to handle colleagues who appeared to be indifferent to his ideas. What he found particularly … Continue reading

Solve Your Biggest Problem

Problems are part of life – we all experience them. Some are bigger than others and press us for a solution. Your biggest problem right now is likely to be frustrating and stressful. This post is all about your natural ability to create a solution. As an example, let’s use … Continue reading